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 Yes, paired with, on 28 September:
"I thought her testimony was very compelling. She looks like a very fine woman to me," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Friday alongside Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. 
"And I thought that Brett's testimony likewise was really something that I haven't seen, it was incredible. It was an incredible moment I think in the history of our country. But certainly she was a very credible witness. She was very good in many respects," he added. 
[the jackass, to be unfair to that fine animal][then again, to call him "pond scum" might be unfair to algae and slime mold]
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 Hi Fred,

What about a quote from President Trump e.g.

"But this is a big con job. And I would love to be in the room with the Democrats, close the door, you guys [the media] are all away, outside waiting and Schumer and his buddies are in there laughing. How they fooled you all. Let's just stop them. A big, fat con."
Reise, K. Here's Everything President Trump Said During an 81-Minute Press Conference About Kavanaugh, Rosenstein and More. Time, Sept 28th, 2018. Available at: http://time.com/5407665/president-trump-press-conference-transcript/


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