[PW] Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the links to the reviews

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 13:09:30 PDT 2018

This week's reviews of the books (and more) cited below, with the links gathered here:http://pattinase.blogspot.com/2018/09/fridays-forgotten-books-september-21.html

Patti Abbott, IN THE MORNING I'LL BE GONE, Adrian McKinty
Frank Babics, CONJURE WIFE, Fritz Leiber
Mark Baker, MURDER ON MARBLE ROW, Victoria Thompson
Gary Basnight (hosted by J Kingston Pierce), THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?, Horace McCoy 
Les Blatt, THE WIDOW'S CRUISE, Nicholas Blake
Elgin Bleecker, STOOL PIGEON, Louis Malley 
Brian Busby, Five Short Canadian Plays, Fred Jacob
Kate Jackson/CrossExaminingCrime, POISON IN JEST, John Dickson Carr
Martin Edwards, MURDER'S FEN, Andrew Garve 
Curtis Evans, THE RELUCTANT MURDERER, Bernice Carey
Rich Horton, DREK YARMAN, Keith Roberts
George Kelley, WAR OF THE DONS and BLACK MAFIA, Peter Rabe 
Margot Kinberg, MARLBOROUGH MAN, Alan Carter 
Rob Kitchin, FLETCH, Gregory McDonald
Kate Laity, A FAR CRY FROM KENSINGTON, Muriel Spark 
B.V. Lawson, DEATH OF A DUTCHMAN, Magdelen Nabb
Evan Lewis, THE DOOM LEGION, Will Murray 
Steve Lewis, THE BUY BACK BLUES, Frank Dennis
Todd Mason, MY LIFE AS A CARTOONIST by Harvey Kurtzman (as told to Howard Zimmerman)
Mike/Only Detect, HALO FOR SATAN, Howard Browne
Matt Paust, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR HUSS, Helene Tursten
James Reasoner, SCARRED FACES, Hank Janson
Richard Robinson, THE BOOKMAN, Lavie Tidhar
Kevin Tipple. MURDER ON THE ICE, Ted Wood 
TomCat, VEGETABLE DUCK, "John Rhode" (Cecil Street)
TracyK, LIMBO LINE, Victor Canning
forward by Todd Masonhttp://socialistjazz.blogspot.com/2018/09/ffb-my-life-as-cartoonist-by-harvey.html

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