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Hi John,  Welcome back to the real world, the one without guillemets.

> A friend is a fan of the Bracebridge Mysteries series written by
> Margaret Miles. 

> or perhaps the author is or was just very good at
> remaining anonymous.

It would seem so.  Best bet is to contact her publisher, Random House, but they, too, are 
likely to reveal nothing on the author's instructions.  The RH page for Margaret Miles only lists 
her works, so she is not interested in promoting herself.  That, in turn, could result in slumped 
sales, leading to publisher's decision to kill the series.   The RH page is not archived (at least 
not the current url) at waybackmachine, so we can't see if there used to be more info.

She is not promoting herself on Facebook either, but her last book was before that became 
almost obligatory.

FWIW, nothing biographical in:
Contemporary Authors
Something About the Author

The guys at mysteryfile.com say, "As for the author herself, "Margaret Miles" is too common 
a name to do much research on. Al Hubin has no information about her, and neither do I. As 
for the series of four novels, I have not read the 3rd nor the 4th, so I also cannot tell you 
whether all of the loose ends were tied up before the series ended, presumably caused by 
the usual insufficient (and falling) sales."

The books are set in Mass, so there is a good chance the author lives there and writes what 
she knows.   Unfortunately there are 30 of her name in Mass whitepages.com.

Oh, wait,  I found something.  margaretmiles.com was active 2001-2004, several page 
snapshots at archive.com.  Site went blank in 2005,  expired 5 may 2007, now for sale.  Site 
includes a short bio:  "early babyboomer," grew up in Ohio, lived in 30 cities, history degree at 
UC Berkeley, tinkered at mystery novels for 20 yrs, many rejections before first Bracebridge 
book published.

The launch of her website interestingly coincides with the publication of her last book, so it 
would seem that she had dreams of continuing the series.  And then something happened?  
Careful study of different snaps of the site over time may reveal something.  Site includes 
reader comments begging for news, but no answers from the author (as far as I can see in a 
quick browse.)

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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