[PW] how to find other descendants of an ancestor

T.F. Mills phasco at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 11 21:17:25 PDT 2018


With a little more info, this shouldn't be too difficult with free resources.

Many public libraries offer access to the full panoply of ancestry.com resources.  One of the 
nice features there is an algorithm that ties together suspects.  Beginning with the hit on the 
1940 census that you have, it will tell what other databases (directories, obituaries, 
naturalization, births, marriages, etc.) have the members of that household.  The algorithm 
isn't always right, but it's a good start.  Combine that with Facebook, Whitepages.com, 
newspapers, etc., and you can find everybody and anybody.

> The last information he has on this person is from the 1940 Census. 

Presumably you have all the data associated with that:  full household, relationships to each 
other, birth years, country or state of origin, 1940 and 1935 locations.  With that it should not 
be difficult to isolate the correct James Donoghue in almost all databases.  Many amateurs 
are clueless about this and throw the first John Smith they encounter into their tree.  But with 
a little common sense...

As I recall, you are in the vicinity of Boston, and this Donoghue family is presumably in that 
region.  Massachusetts is unfortunately one of the more difficult states to research due to 
more limited public access databases.  But not impossible.

Oh, I just remembered your question is from overseas -- not easy to step into an American 
library.  Contact me off list, and I may give this a quick whirl myself.  No charge.  

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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