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I have saved a copy of Lois Fundis's carefully-researched essay on the
history of the Obscure Marsupial becoming a list icon (and in-joke).

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I thought I was paying attention (and certainly wanted to do so) but, as
some may remember, a few months ago I found I had been accidentally
unsubscribed from the list for many months and hadn't noticed it.
(Partly because I was getting somewhat similar questions from my membership
in Fiction-L, and hadn't paid attention as to where a given post was coming
from, but even so -- that was embarassing.)

Sigh.  The glory days of Stumpers, and the glory of the lost archives.
I recall once making a pretentious comment about how I hoped my
contributions to the list would be my contribution to the future and the
justification of my career or something cringe-worthy like that.
Well, we were all younger then.  (As I understand it, that's how "the past"

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On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 3:23 PM, Thomas Fuller <tdruryfuller at gmail.com>
> Yes, T.F. Mills, some of us still pay attention; those of us who 
> remember the earlier days.  I too wish that the Archives were more 
> available.
> - Tom
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> In this far land beneath the trees. . ."
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