[PW] need a favor from someone with the Chicago Defender database

Mon Aug 27 15:21:37 PDT 2018

Is it possible to narrow this down a bit?  It looks like Salem Tutt Whitney had 146 articles in the Chicago Defender just in the 1927 - 1929 period.

John Baker

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Proquest no longer maintains the Historical Black Newspapers database,
and searches are now difficult while the database finds another vendor.
If someone still has access, I need an article from the Chicago
Defender, and the date of it would be in the 1927-1929 range, I believe.
It's written by the famous comedian & actor Salem Tutt Whitney, and
it's supposed to be a biographical sketch about him, in his own words.
(He wrote a regular column for the Defender in the 1920s.) If someone
has access to it, please let me know.
Donna L. Halper, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication & Media Studies
Lesley University, Cambridge MA

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