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Winners of the SplatterPunk Awards denoted with *** (courtesy Jason Cavallaro) Announcing The First Annual SplatterPunk Awards, celebrating the best in Extreme Horror!
 The annual Splatterpunk Awards will honor superior achievement in the sub-genres of SplatterPunk / Extreme Horror fiction, in the following categories:BEST NOVEL (for works of more than 50,000 words)BEST NOVELLA (for works from 15,000 to 50,000 words)BEST SHORT STORY (for works from 500 to 14,000 words)BEST COLLECTION (for single-author works over 50,000 words)BEST ANTHOLOGY (for multiple-author collections over 50,000 words)
In addition, there will also be an annual LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award, honoring an individual’s contributions to the Splatterpunk or Extreme horror sub-genres.
And the nominees are!
CONTAINMENT by Charlee Jacob (Necro Publications)EXORCIST FALLS by Jonathan Janz (Sinister Grin Press)THE HEMATOPHAGES by Stephen Kozeniewski (Sinister Grin Press)SPERMJACKERS FROM HELL by Christine Morgan (Deadite Press)***WHITE TRASH GOTHIC by Edward Lee (Deadite Press)
THE BIG BAD by K. Trap Jones (Necro Publications)DAMN DIRTY APES by Adam Howe (Thunderstorm Books)***HEADER 3 by Edward Lee and Ryan Harding (Necro Publications)KILLER CHRONICLES by Somer Canon (Thunderstorm Books)THE LUCKY ONES DIED FIRST by Jack Bantry (Deadite Press)
“Dirty Desk” by Jeffrey Thomas, from Chopping Block Party (Necro Publications)“Extinction Therapy” by Bracken MacLeod, from Splatterpunk Fighting Back (Splatterpunk Zine)“Melvin” by Matt Shaw, from Splatterpunk Fighting Back (Splatterpunk Zine)“Molly” by Glenn Rolfe, from Splatterpunk Fighting Back (Splatterpunk Zine)***“The Tipping Point” by Jeff Strand, from Everything Has Teeth (Thunderstorm Books)
2017: A YEAR OF HORROR AND PAIN, PART ONE by Matt Shaw (Amazon Digital Services)EVERYTHING HAS TEETH by Jeff Strand (Thunderstorm Books)THE GARDEN OF DELIGHT by Alessandro Manzetti (Comet Press)***GORILLA IN MY ROOM by Jack Ketchum (Cemetery Dance Publications)
CHOPPING BLOCK PARTY, edited by Brendan Deneen and David G. Barnett (Necro Publications)DOA III, edited by Marc Ciccarone and Andrea Dawn (Blood Bound Books)***SPLATTERPUNK FIGHTING BACK, edited by Jack Bantry and Kit Power (Splatterpunk Zine)VS:X: U.S. VS U.K. EXTREME HORROR, edited by Dawn Cano (Shadow Work Publishing)YEAR’S BEST HARDCORE HORROR VOLUME 2, edited by Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax (Comet Press)
David J. Schow
Congratulations to all! Works on the ballot were selected by fans and readers. Winners in each category will be voted on by the 2018 Splatterpunk Awards jury.The winners will be announced the the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards ceremony, taking place August 24th through the 26th at KillerCon in Austin, Texas.
The 2018 Splatterpunk Awards jurors are David J. Schow, Gerard Houarner, Monica J. O'Rourke, Mike Lombardo, and Tod Clark.The Founders of the SplatterPunk Awards, Wrath James White and Brian Keene, will select the Lifetime Achievement Award winner.Please note: Works by members of the jury, as well as the award founders, will not be eligible for inclusion on the ballot, in any category (with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement award). 

--forward by Todd Masonhttp://socialistjazz.blogspot.com/2018/08/fridays-books-etc-alphabetized-by.html

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