[PW] TIME BOMB AND OTHER STORIES OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE edited by Peggy Doherty (Scholastic 1971)

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for the Miscellaneous Anthologies Index, if desired:
Essentially, a 1971 Scholastic anthology drawn from 1968-69 EQMM issues...with one Syd Hoff story from a 1966 AHMM...cover image and review:http://socialistjazz.blogspot.com/2018/08/ffb-time-bomb-and-other-stories-of.html
Also a better cover image for the KNIGHT issue reprinting the Steinbeck than the current one in the FMI...
Time Bomb and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense edited by Peggy Doherty, Scholastic Book Services; first (only?) printing, April 1971; 95pp; 50c. TK 1821 (cover uncredited)

5 · Time Bomb · William Bankier · (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Aug 1968

13 · The Options of Timothy Merkle · A. H. Z. Carr · (nv) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Jul 1969

42 · A Hundred Times · Syd Hoff · (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Jul 1966

47 · The Bargain Hunter April Aarons (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Sep 1968

54 · Wide O- · Elsin Ann Gardner · (vi); in EQMM’s “Department of First Stories” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Sep 1968

56 · The Affair at 7, Rue de M— · John Steinbeck · (ss) Harper’s Bazaar Apr 1955; 
67 · Mr. Strang Pulls a Switch [Leonard Strang] · William Brittain · (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Jun 1969

85 · The Man Who Loved Baseball · Jerome L. Johnson · (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Apr 1969

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