[PW] July's Underappreciated Music: links to the music and reviews

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 23:59:55 PDT 2018


Paul D Brazill: A Song for SaturdayJames T. Cameron: John D'Earth: Restoration ComedyAlice Chang: testing violins; Debra Wilson and Beyonce KnowlesSean Coleman: Timotheos: HierosolymaDuo Françaix: Danzas Españolas Op. 37 - No. II Oriental (Enrique Granados) Jeff Gemmill: Top 5s; The Essentials: Shelby Lynne; Shelby Lynne in concert; Nichole Wagner: And the Sky Caught Fire; Stephen Sills: Right by YouKeiko Hassler: Colin Raye: "I Think About You"Jerry House: Eddie Peabody; Hymn Time; Music from the PastGeorge Kelley: Dionne Warwick: Odds and Ends: Scepter Records RaritiesKate Laity: Song for a SaturdaySteve Lewis: Music I'm Listening ToLight in Babylon: "Baderech el Hayam"Barry Malzberg: Amalia Hall: selections from Mozart and BachTodd Mason: Some More Women Musicians, and Men Talking; Mostly Jazz and Classical: Saturday Music ClubLaura Nakatsuka: Orera: "Krimanchuli"; Blue Heron: "Permanent vierge" (Johannes Ockeghem)Piero Papini: Roberto Musci: "The Age of Fragmentation"Lawrence Person: Shoegazer SundayJames Reasoner: Middle of the Night MusicCharlie Ricci: Jenny Van West: Happiness to Burn; Bobby Darin: Beyond the Sea; 5 Awful Recordings by Hall of Famers; Dusty Springfield: "Wishin' and Hopin'"Gil Scott-Heron: "The Train from Washington"
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