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Tomorrow, American International imported and domestic horror/suspense/monster films will be featured...from Gojira films to BUCKET OF BLOOD.
On Tuesday evening, CAMILLE starring Greta Garbo and with a cameo role by Fritz Leiber, Jr.; followed by the even better BADLANDS, the roman a clef about the Starkweather/Fugate murders, starring Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen. 

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Meanwhile, I failed to have the wit to check the rest of the TCM schedule...they're running Bernstein episodes of OMNIBUS, now (the CBS/ABC arts and culture series most impressive in its 1950s episodes)Turner Classic Movies Celebrates Leonard Bernstein With 3 Days of Programming Starting July 20BY ADAM HETRICKJUL 20, 2018 The series kicks off with broadcasts of West Side Story and On the Town.[...] The celebration concludes July 22 at 8 PM with selections from the award-winning Omnibus series. Bernstein gave his first televised music lectures on the show, including his well-remembered analysis of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (1954), in which he employs some of the composer's discarded sketches to show what the music might have been like if they were left in. The other Omnibus programs include The World of Jazz (1955), The Art of Conducting (1955), The American Musical Comedy (1956), Introduction to Modern Music (1957), The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1957), and What Makes Opera Grand? (1958).
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