[PW] Importance of good research - cautionary tales?

Caroline Barratt caroline.cason at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 04:54:54 PDT 2018

Hello everyone,

I am trying to compile some real-life “cautionary tales” about why doing a
thorough literature review is so important to good research. The main point
I'm trying to make is that if your literature review is rushed and
incomplete, you could face some serious consequences in terms of research
design, conclusions, knowing if you are making a new discovery, etc. I am
hoping you might have some good real-life examples you use in your classes
or remember from library lore that you could share with me.

One I remember (but cannot find again) was about a study that only used
online indexes for their literature review and didn't use the print at all.
Because this gave them an incomplete date range, they missed a study that
would have led them to avoid a drug interaction that ended up killing or
injuring someone. Maybe this was apocryphal? I know it sounds a bit
extreme! Does anyone remember this one?

If you have some examples you could share I would really appreciate your
ideas and expertise.

Thank you!

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