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Teresa by Neera (Anna Radius Zuccari)


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This is for me so no rush. I apologize in advance for so much detail ; just hoping something rings a bells!
Can anyone identify this?
Novel, translated from the Italian, of a young Italian girl who is infatuated with a ne’er-do-well young man.
It starts out with the young man rescuing a baby from the local river, which is flooding. There’s no initial contact between him and the young girl, but they meet some months or years later, possibly at church.
For her part, she’s completely in love; but while he thinks she’d make a nice wife, he is far from in love with her, and has no intention giving up his bachelor life even if he marries her.
Her father withholds permission to marry unless he proves he can hold a job for a year. He takes a job with a newspaper but quits before the year is up – he has no persistence, and he believes he’s meant for better things.
The girl has a younger brother and much younger twin sisters. In the course of the book, she visits her aunt, where she dances in mixed company for the first time and sees a performance of Rigoletto; is infatuated by a young man she sees walking outside wearing orange trousers; talks the local postman into sneaking her sweetheart’s letters to her at a side window; and sees her three younger siblings get married while she remains unwed.
(After she sees Rigoletto, she's so innocent that she has no idea why Rigoletto's daughter is devastated the morning after being abducted by the Duke's men -- but just sophisticated enough to sense the topic is taboo.)
After her mother’s death, she stays home to care for her father. She is no longer the innocent and impressionable child she once was.  When her father dies, she leaves home to care for her sweetheart who is now ill, even though she now recognizes him for what he is.
Thank you for any hints!

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