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Ellen Ehrig ehehrig at frontiernet.net
Sat Jul 14 10:46:57 PDT 2018

A BIG "Thank You" to Jerilyn Marshall, Patricia Anderson, Mike Hindin, Donna
Halper and T.F. Mills for providing great suggestions on where to find
family tree templates.

Has been a busy week, so I have not acted on any of the suggestions, but I
am sure that I will find answers to my query amongst the information they

Thanks again.


Ellen H. Ehrig
ehehrig at frontiernet.net

Original Question:

I am looking for a simple template to make a family tree for 6 generations.
Would be nice if it was WORD compatible, but at this point I will take
anything.  Have tried using the ones suggested in WORD, but cannot seem to
make it work for me.  

I would like it in "block" rather than "tree" form.

Hope the above makes sense and thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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