[PW] Donald Hall, RIP: BOSTON GLOBE: Donald Hall, former US poet laureate and bard of New Hampshire’s Eagle Pond, dies at 89

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 14:18:30 PDT 2018

Former Poet Laureate, contributor, via an amusing fantasy in THE CARLETON MISCELLANY in 1964 titled "The Wonderful Dog Suit", to the 10TH ANNUAL YEAR'S BEST SF (as in speculative fiction, as opposed to science fantasy as in previous volumes) edited by Judith Merril. 
Which was the first of her volumes of hers I read, in 1978. My father noted I had it out of the Nashua, NH library, which he had lied to, to allow me to borrow from it (the Londonderry Leach Library was tiny and run by charmless teen-hating folk), he read a few of the stories, and enjoyed the Hall as well. 


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