[PW] Western Fictioneers Announces the 8th Annual Peacemaker Award Winners; Joye Murchison Kelly, Dorothy Roubicek Woolfolk to Receive 2018 Bill Finger Award

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Western Fictioneers Announces the 8th Annual Peacemaker Award Winners(For Westerns Published in 2017)https://westernfictioneers.blogspot.com/2018/06/western-fictioneers-announces-8th.html

BEST FIRST WESTERN NOVEL:GALLOWAY’S GAMBLE by Howard Weinstein (Five Star Publishing)

Finalists:THE BLOODLETTING, Greg Barth (Greg Barth)
EL RENO, Kevin L. Evans (Kevin L. Evans)
COYOTE COURAGE, Scott Harris (Scott Harris)
THE OPEN ROAD, M.M. Holaday (Five Star Publishing)

BEST NOVEL:THE PECOS UNDERTAKER by Mel Odom writing as Colby Jackson (Mel Odom)

Finalists:BILL RILEY’S HEAD, Douglas Hirt (Five Star Publishing)
OUT OF THE DARKNESS, Robert D. McKee (Five Star Publishing)
HARD TO QUIT, Mark Mitten (Milford House Press)
DESTINY AT DRY CAMP, John D. Nesbitt (Five Star Publishing)


Finalists:WEST FROM THE CRADLE, Brigid Amos (Clean Reads)
A RANGER RETURNS, James J. Griffin (Painted Pony Books)
THE CRY NOT HEARD, Cliff Hudgins (Wolfpack Publishing)
CLOAKED, Rachel Kovaciny (White Rook Press)

BEST SHORT FICTION:(tie) “The Armadillo’s Hole Saloon” by Mel Odom writing as Colby Jackson (Mel Odom), and “Train Robbery” by Mel Odom (BASS REEVES, FRONTIER MARSHAL, VOLUME 2, Airship 27 Productions)

“Tibby’s Hideout” by Frank Kelso (THE POSSE, Intellect Publishing, LLC)
“Firewater” by Olivia Norem (Olivia Norem)
“The Society of the Friends of Lester McGurk” by Richard Prosch (BEST OF THE WEST, Sundown Press)

Western Fictioneers would like to thank the judges for the excellent job they did and the long hours they devoted to reading the submissions.

Joye Murchison Kelly, Dorothy Roubicek Woolfolk to Receive 2018 Bill Finger Awardhttps://www.newsfromme.com/2018/06/13/years-bill-finger-awards-2-2/

Joye Murchison Kelly and Dorothy Roubicek Woolfolk have been selected to receive the 2018 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing. The selection, made by a blue-ribbon committee chaired by writer-historian Mark Evanier, was unanimous.

"We're really excited about this one," Evanier explains. "The comic book industry employed too few women in its early decades. Back when this year's honorees were active, their gender was horribly unrepresented among the creative talents that made the comics—and what few there were went totally unrecognized. The work of these two extraordinary ladies deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated."
The Bill Finger Award was created in 2005 via a proposal from the late comic book legend Jerry Robinson. "It's to recognize and salute writers for a body of work that has not received its rightful reward and/or recognition," says Evanier. "Even though the late Bill Finger now finally receives credit for his role in the creation of Batman, he’s still the industry poster boy for writers not receiving proper reward or attention."[Continues at link...]

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