[PW] ?PART 2: Ancient Jewish Writings: Seeking English Full Text Translations of Several References?

Sam Shipley sams at dcpl.info
Tue May 22 08:41:18 PDT 2018

Thank you to anyone who can help to clarify the additional references below.

My patron who is doing some research in ancient Jewish writings has a few more references he would like to track down. He needs leads to English full text sources of the references specified in the Jewish writings listed below:

*Babli 9a

*{Erk-ha-Kinnuyim, s. v.] I"UDn; see vol I, p.385

*Zohar 1, 75 (The copies of the Zohar my patron has are not divided up this way.)

*Shu'aib, Noah (end)  (Possibly a Muslim source?)

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