[PW] ?Ancient Jewish Writings: Seeking English Full Text Translations of Several References?

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"Aseret ha-Dibrot" is Hebrew for the Ten Commandments.  By the form of the
citation, I thought it might be a long commentary, but all I can find are
articles with interpretations of the commandments themselves.

The Tannaim "were the Rabbinic sages  whose views are recorded in the
Mishnah, from approximately 10-220 CE."
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tannaim). There are many editions of the
Mishnah available in English; check WorldCat.

I think "Pkah" may be a Hebrew acronym for "Pirkei Avot" which means "Ethics
of the Fathers."  Again, there are many editions in English on WorldCat.

"Mekilta Shirah may refer to this:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mekhilta_of_Rabbi_Ishmael.  The bibliography
lists this title:  Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael: A Critical Edition on the Basis
of the Manuscripts and Early Editions with an English Translation,
Introduction, and Notes, and I found citations in WorldCat.

I'm not sure of the transliteration of "zawwaat Naphtali."  Naphtali was one
of the sons of Jacob, and the name of one of the tribes of Israel.  Your
querent might want to check with a rabbi.


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I'm turning to good old PW for help on an unusual reference question.
I have a patron who is doing some research in ancient Jewish writings; He
needs leads to English full text sources of the references specified in the
Jewish writings listed below:

*Aseret ha-Dibrot 65; comp. vol. II, pp.214-215

*Midrash Tannaim 190_i9i_

*Pkah 3, 133 (Also, what does Pkah stand for?)

*Mekilta Shirah 14, 16c

*Zawwaat Naphtali (especially the end; second version, 12-14)

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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