[PW] ?Ancient Jewish Writings: Seeking English Full Text Translations of Several References?

Sam Shipley sams at dcpl.info
Thu May 10 09:03:18 PDT 2018


I'm turning to good old PW for help on an unusual reference question.
I have a patron who is doing some research in ancient Jewish writings;
He needs leads to English full text sources of the references specified in the Jewish writings listed below:

*Aseret ha-Dibrot 65; comp. vol. II, pp.214-215

*Midrash Tannaim 190_i9i_

*Pkah 3, 133 (Also, what does Pkah stand for?)

*Mekilta Shirah 14, 16c

*Zawwaat Naphtali (especially the end; second version, 12-14)

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Sam Shipley
Reference Librarian
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Dodge City, Kansas
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