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Liz Bezera ebezera at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 12:26:55 PDT 2018

A friend asks for help:

[a comment elsewhere] reminded me of a fruitless web search I made several
years ago, trying to locate sheet music to the first musical I ever
appeared in when I was an eighth grader. The title of the show was Mr.
Crane of Sleepy Hollow, an updated adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy
Hollow. The number I remember best came late in Act 2, titled "The Headless
Horseman," whose lyrics started out:

'Twas the impression
He was a Hessian
With his head all shot away.
In that condition,
This apparition
Never showed his face by day.

That's about all I can remember verbatim. Apparently the show made the
rounds of the high school market during the 1960's and has since
disappeared. The only trace of it I have found on the internet (other than
newspaper morgue articles about various high school productions from the
'60's) was a Library of Congress listing, giving "Book by Al Simmons,
lyrics by Elsie Simmons, music by Larry Wagner." The copyright is listed in
the name of Lancer Productions, which doesn't seem to exist nowadays.

If anyone has any information that would help me track down this forgotten
gem, I would be grateful. Mainly it's for the nostalgia of it, but I seem
to remember the show being clever and engaging in an easy-going way. At
least, it was to the eighth-grade me.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

Liz Bezera​

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