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He might also enjoy some older Science Fiction - Heinlein comes to mind - Rolling Stones; Have Space Suit, Will Travel, etc... even Starship Troopers.

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Some "oldies" that he might enjoy.  Horatio Alger's "go west young man" stories.  Or the Tom Swift stories.  Both have young males going out and making good.


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Hello Wombats

I have a friend who has asked me for book recommendations for her 19 year old son - here is her description

 Looking for books about good role models, people who were smart and figured things out and did the work and became a success (the son is already an entrepreneur) - no emotionally distraught stuff.  He liked News of the World (because the Old man was calm and just got the job done) and Andre Agassi's autobiography.  He doesn't want to read about histrionics, self-doubt or whining.

So I think feel good, little guy makes big stories - any suggestions?  I have no idea where to begin since I pretty much just read mysteries!

Thanks for any help


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