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I really have to wonder if Etta Austin Blaisdell  actually wrote The Wide Awake First Reader where the quote you want is located. She was getting children's books published under her own name around that same time and it just so happens that her mother's maiden name was Clara J Murray. Anyway, Etta died 18 Nov 1963. 
I am attaching the newspaper page with her first obit from Florida and a photo of the family tombstone where she is interred. 
If you search Google Books: "Clara Murray" "run spot run", you will get a link to a copy of this book and on the page with "Run Spot Run"
The Wide Awake First Reader (Copyright 1906)This copy: 1914, Quote: page 11
Little, Brown and Company, Boston  Here is all the info I could round up quickly on her: 
 Name: Etta Austin McDonaldPen Name?: Clara MurrayMaiden Name: Blaisdell Birth Date: 20 March 1872 Birth Place: Manchester, New Hampshire Marriage Date: 2 Aug 1899Marriage Place: Brockton, Massachusetts,Spouse: James R McDonald (Jacobus R McDonald)Father: Clark BlaisdellMother: Clara J MurrayDeath Date: 18 Nov 1963Death Place: Mount Dora, Lake County, Florida Cemetery: Oak Grove CemeteryBurial Place: Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 
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Can anyone help me to determine the death year of Etta Blaisdell McDonald, who was born in 1872 and, under the name of Clara Murray, published The Wide Awake Primer and other books in the early 20th century?  I believe she originated the quote "Run, Spot, run! See Spot run."

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