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Hello Everyone,

Here are the answers to the photos I asked about a while back. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts, including Lisa Richland, Jen Wilson, Donna Burton , Susan Holmberg and Dennis Cunniff.  We did figure out the answer to a couple after the question was asked.  Out of 50 teams my team finished second this year and only one big point question out of first place.  We were happy with this result after finishing third the last two years and look forward to next year.

#3 Big armed beast: We missed this one
Question: What is this an example of?
Answer: Alphabestiary

#5 Two Guys: We missed this one (Turned out to be a baseball card)
Question: Name the man who is the manager in this photo?
Answer: Bubba Moneypenny  (last name being the secretary in many 007 movies)

#6 Brasso: We missed this one
Question: What magazine published this save a pack campaign badge along with other designs around mars bars, lea and perrins and lyle's golden syrup?
Answer: Nova

#7 Bird-Man: We got this one by piecing together partials, This was a print ad in a 1969 Life magazine
Question: What is the tagline attached to this ad image?
Answer: "Let the warm, wise Phoenix bird take you under its wing"

#9 Sheet music: Missed this one
Question: These notes represent the song from what bird?
Answer: Dickdissel

#14 Flossing Tooth: Got this one.
Question: This character is the mascot for a mobile dental clinic coming to a town near you, at least in Minnesota. What is the character's name?
Answer: Lil Flossie

#16 Sunbathing Woman: Missed this one
Question: This fluffy haired woman is usually seen ocean side and pool side in the summer, what name is she better known as?
Answer: The Yellow Feathered Ear Piercing Screecher

#17 Farm to Table: Missed this one
Question: What is the wording that goes with this image?
Answer: farm, eat, drink, then repeat

#20 Rock n Roll Mural: We thought we had plenty of info to get this one but never found the actual image. We missed it.
Question: Please give us the name of the 80s band who spent 278 thousand dollars on this tour bus when they lived in it for a year and a half during better times.
Answer: Katrina and the Waves

#39-1 World Map http://clipart-library.com/clipart/qTBobxkAc.htm  We got this one by piecing together partials
Question: This map represents what intelligence spy agency?
Answer: World Security Bureau

Thanks for everyone's help,

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Subject: Recognize any of these?

Hello Everyone,

Each year about this time I post a request for help identifying some pictures. These have been particularly difficult the last couple years so this time I will try to give a little more context.

Once again, my team is participating in this for-fun trivia contest and could use some help.  We've finished third two years in a row, maybe you can help us be in the top two this year.  This event is put on by a college radio station in Minnesota where first prize is simply a grab-bag of prizes, a traveling trophy and bragging rights.

When a team registers for this contest they receive a packet of pictures to identify. There will be a question asked during the 50-hour contest regarding each picture. This is just a small part of the bigger contest, but can make a difference in where we rank among the 50+ teams. So far this year we've had success identifying all but 9 photos.

** Please, Please, Please: Email only me if you think you have an answer so that other teams can't Google and find it in the Wombat archives. **

I will let everyone know what the answers are after the contest is over in a couple weeks and give credit to those who helped me out.

Here is a link to the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7ght4kqx6mk4nq/2018_Mystery_Pics.pdf?dl=0

Some of the pictures have been photo-shopped or are part of a bigger picture, but that's the way we received them.
We've already run the photos through various image search programs, so these remaining photos are more likely to come from a related but not exact online match, movie, record album, Youtube video, book, magazine, business advertisement, etc...

This year's theme is "Weather - Storms", but only some of the pictures will be based on this theme.

The trivia writers like to pair up the photos, meaning that pairs of photos tend to be related in some way, like two out of the same magazine, theme, movie, etc...  Here's some clues based on ones we've already solved, the unsolved ones could be related.
- Arizona, Florida or Minnesota
- Codenames, ciphers, Strategy, Secrets or Spies
- Comic book or comics, board game
- Beer/alcohol or tobacco
- Visual related to movies, poster, music, artists or album cover
- Related to a food item, candy, snacks or cereal
- Related to war, business logo, collectibles, postage stamp, sports, Olympics or Google

Any thoughts people would like to share would be greatly appreciated.
Never know, you might be surprised to discover one of these pictures came from your local area or your favorite record album or magazine.

Thanks in advance for any help people can provide,

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