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This may or may not be helpful to you, but Yonkers and Mt Vernon are not
"upstate New York" they are both towns that border New York City. I live on
the northern edge of New York City in the Bronx, and Yonkers is just a few
blocks from my house.
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> My colleague Mike Ashley is updating his biography of Algernon Blackwood
> and still has two problems he's been unable to resolve.  So, in case
> anyone on Project Wombat can offer any suggestions, they involve:
> (1) An English woman Blackwood met in Switzerland in 1918:
> We're after a woman born around 1838 or so, from a well-to-do
> Yorkshire family with a well-known Yorkshire name.  Her
> father had worked with Darwin, and the family had been acquainted
> with several Victorian authors of note.  The woman south
> had lived in Frankfurt-am-Main for at least thirty
> years, married a German of Huguenot extraction, and had a
> son and a daughter.  The initial of her married name (or
> possibly of her husband's first name) was probably "J."
> and (2) Blackwood's U.S. (bit part) stage career:
> Blackwood's EPISODES BEFORE THIRTY relates an anecdote where
> Blackwood appeared in the stage play JIM THE PENMAN
> (by Sir Charles Lawrence Young), where two other cast members
> were J. H. Gilmour and Bettina Gerard.  Blackwood dates
> this to the autumn of 1894 and says it was in upstate New York
> (probably Yonkers or Mount Vernon).  But the date appears
> from other evidence to be wrong (early 1893 seems most
> probable).  Mike is trying to verify evidence of a
> production of that play in upstate New York with Gilmour
> and Gerard within that time frame.
> Any help, which I will pass along to Mike, will be much appreciated.
> Dennis Lien / d-lien at umn.edu
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