[PW] Which entertainer first juggled chainsaws?

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Wed Jan 10 10:28:59 PST 2018

My previous post from 1996 referred to the Venice Beach Boardwark 
"alum" Chad Taylor.   Here's a reference from 1984:

"There is a fellow at Venice Beach who earns his daily bread juggling 
chainsaws. And believe me friends, these are live saws. It's cute to 
pull a rabbit out of a hat or make an elephant pear. But, miss with 
one of those things and I'll guarantee you it's going to smart. " -- 
The Indianapolis Star, August 9, 1984, Page 35.

And the "Mad Chad" website:


Bill Davis

At 07:34 AM 1/10/2018, you wrote:
>Several decades ago, when I routinely watched TV (1980s, or the '90s 
>at the latest), I saw an act where a guy juggled a bizarre 
>collection of different things at the same time, including a 
>chainsaw. This was probably a first for television but not among 
>professional jugglers.
>My aging memory cannot recall who, when, and what, so I've been 
>trying to find it online. I first thought the performer was the 
>comedian Gallagher, but I can find no reference that he ever used a saw.
>Does anyone remember this event, or can help me track it down?
>Thanks in advance!
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