[PW] Which entertainer first juggled chainsaws?

Carolyn Haley dcma at vermontel.net
Wed Jan 10 06:23:51 PST 2018

This might be it. Thank you!


At 08:55 AM 1/10/2018, Bill Davis wrote:

>The Pantagraph
>Bloomington, Illinois
>Friday, February 23, 1996
>Page: Page 12
>"Whenever visiting sunny Los Angeles and environs, we always have to 
>make at least several trips westward to that oceanfront human geek 
>show known as the Venice Beach Boardwalk, where anything and 
>everything goes. And goes. And goes. Amid the flotsam and jetsam of 
>L.A. humanity that congregates there en masse (or, more accurately, 
>en mess), our personal favorite is the Boardwalk's infamous chainsaw 
>juggler who offers precisely the kind of exotic entertainment so 
>hard to come by in the wilds of Central Illinois. At least until 
>next week. That's when Venice boardwalk alum Chad Taylor will bring 
>his chainsaws to Bradley University's Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse 
>in Peoria for a free show (10 p.m. Thursday). Taylor began his 
>career juggling chainsaws along Venice Beach, parlaying that 
>notoriety into a comedy club and college entertainment circuit act 
>dubbed "Chainsaws of Death." It has been featured on television on 
>"The Tonight Show," "An Evening at the Improv" and "America's 
>Funniest People." On film, Taylor's saws were seen in Billy 
>Crystal's "Mr. Saturday Night" The buzz, we can assure you, is good."
>At 07:34 AM 1/10/2018, you wrote:
>>Several decades ago, when I routinely watched TV (1980s, or the 
>>'90s at the latest), I saw an act where a guy juggled a bizarre 
>>collection of different things at the same time, including a 
>>chainsaw. This was probably a first for television but not among 
>>professional jugglers.
>>My aging memory cannot recall who, when, and what, so I've been 
>>trying to find it online. I first thought the performer was the 
>>comedian Gallagher, but I can find no reference that he ever used a saw.
>>Does anyone remember this event, or can help me track it down?
>>Thanks in advance!
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