[PW] What is the original source of the quote "a little from column A and a little from column B"?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Tue Jan 9 16:14:38 PST 2018

The form I know is "one from column A and two from column B", and refers to
the menus in Chinese restaurants, where for a fixed price you get to make a
choice of this kind; presumably column A would contain main dishes and
column B would contain appetizers.  If this is right, attempting to find a
specific source would be hopeless.

On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 7:11 PM, Jen Wilson <jemawi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> A colleague had question this morning regarding the quote "A little from
> column A and a little from column B" which he knows from the movie Aladdin
> (1992).
> He is wondering what the origin of this quote is? (Surely it pre-dates the
> movie). We could find lots of references to it but nothing definitive about
> a source. Can anyone tell us more?
> Cheers
> Jen
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