[PW] Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the links to the reviews and more

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 20:09:09 PST 2017

Patti Abbott has the links to the following reviews at this post:

Sergio Angelinii, ZERO COOL, Michael Crichton
Yvette Banek, THE NOOSE, Philip MacDonald 
Les Blatt, BURIED FOR PLEASURE, Edmund Crispin
Elgin Bleecker, MAIGRET'S CHRISTMAS, Georges Simenon 
Brian Busby, THE MYSTERY OF THE MUFFLED MAN, Max Braithwaite
Martin Edwards, MISCHIEF, Charlotte Armstrong 
Curtis Evans, Marion Babson
Charles Gramlich, HAWK OF THE WILDERNESS, William L. Chester
Rich Horton, Carol Emshwiller: REPORT TO THE MEN'S CLUB and THE MOUNT
Jerry House, ROADS, Seabury Quinn
George Kelley, CRIME FOR CHRISTMAS. ed. Richard Dalby 
Margot Kinberg, RED HERRING, Jonothan Cullinane
Rob Kitchin, A COLD RED SUNRISE, Stuary Kaminsky
Evan Lewis, DEAD SOLDIERS, Bill Crider 
Steve Lewis, THE CLOCK STRIKES TWELVE, Patricia Wentworth
Barry Malzberg, ANATOMY OF A KILLER, Peter Rabe
Todd Mason, E PLURIBUS UNICORN, Theodore Sturgeon; NINE HORRORS AND A DREAM, Joseph Payne Brennan; (HORROR STORIES FROM) TALES TO BE TOLD IN THE DARK, ed. Basil Davenport
J.F. Norris, THE CLOCK IN THE HATBOX, Anthony Gilbert 
Juri Nummelin, HEAD GAMES, Craig Macdonald and Kevin Singles 
Matt Paust, THE CONSTANT GARDENER, John Le Carre
Louise Penny, THE FRANCHISE AFFAIR, "Josephine Tey"
James Reasoner, THE CHRISTMAS KILL, Nick Carter
Kevin Tipple hosting Barry Ergang, OUTRAGE AT BLANCO, Bill Crider
TomCat, CASE CLOSED, Gosha Aoyama 
TracyK, ENVIOUS CASCA, Georgette Heyer

Todd Mason

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