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On 22 Dec 2017 at 22:06, Shapiro, Fred wrote:

> Joan of Arc's most famous quotation appears to be "I am not afraid,
> for God is with me.  I was born for this [sometimes worded 'I was born
> to do this']."  These of course are English translations.  The quote
> is said to have been uttered when she left the town of Vancouleurs in
> February or March of 1429. 
> I would welcome any help in determining the earliest findable source
> for this.  The earliest findable source for the French original would
> be best, but the earliest findable source for the English translation
> would also be very helpful. 

The original is in the 1456 nullification or rehabilitation trial, specifically the deposition of Henri 
de Royer with whom Jeanne stayed a few weeks at Vancouleurs in 1429.  The trial transcript 
is in Latin (Henri speaking of Jeanne in third person):

"Respondebat quod non timebat armatos, quia habebat viam suam expeditam; quia, si 
armati essent par viam, habebat Deum Dominum suum, qui sibi faceret viam ad eundum 
juxta dominum Dalphinum, et quod erat nata ad hoc faciendum."

Apparently reliable secondary source for that:


(You might want to google Latin phrases to see if primary source is online.)

There have been numerous French translations as the language evolved (often rendered as 
Jeanne speaking in first person.)  I think the earliest I saw was 1661.  The most extensive 
documentation is at:


Go to "recherches".  I tried the phrase "que je suis née" and got 3 hits pertaining to the 
Vancouleurs encounter.  You might try variations.

An extensive documentation site in English provides this (see under Henri le Royer):


(You might want to explore further for an attribution of the translation.)

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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