[PW] ? Alan Shepard Quotation (Quotation Query #787)

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Hi, Fred --  

I searched the Naval Academy library catalog, and found a citation to a
biography of Shepard, Light This Candle.  Here's an OCLC record for the

This is a link to a sound recording of Shepard's flight from LC:
nter=10&bibId=9835659.  LC doesn't own it.  

I don't know how to search for his papers, but if you can locate them, there
might be an answer in that collection.


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I am trying to find the earliest documentation for Alan Shepard's statement
while waiting for his 1961 space flight to commence, "Why don't you fix your
little problem and light this candle?"  Any suggestions of early citations
or reliable secondary sources would be welcome.

Fred Shapiro

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