[PW] Drama Critic Motto: Leave no turn unstoned

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 08:17:57 PST 2017

The Quote Investigator website now has an entry about the wordplay in
the subject line which is often attributed to George Bernard Shaw.


The earliest pertinent evidence I've found is a joke containing the
phrase "they left no turn unstoned" in "The Daily Northwestern" of
Oshkosh, Wisconsin on August 29, 1899 with an acknowledgment to the
"Catholic Standard and Times". I haven't found a digital archive for
the "Catholic Standard and Times".

Chronicling America seems to say that University of Notre Dame in
Indiana has it on microfilm, but searching would be difficult because
the date above is simply an upper bound.


Reference works contain a 1950 citation for George Bernard Shaw and a
1946 citation for Arthur Wimperis. The QI article has 1914 citation
for Wimperis but nothing earlier for Shaw.

Feedback welcome
Garson O'Toole

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