[PW] Query: Harper's article about wreck on M&NA railroad ca 1908

Bradley Scott bradley.a.scott at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 15:57:57 PST 2017

While indexing the Winter 2002-3 issue of Oak Leaves: A Historical Journal
of the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad, I came across a reference to an
article in "Harpers" that I would like to find further information about.

The reference is in an article entitled "The Railroad Under Greers Ferry
Lake", by James McGregor, which describes a wreck that occurred on the
railroad (which was then called the Missouri & North Arkansas) on Sept. 6,
1908, near Edgemont, Arkansas.  Toward the end of the article is the
following statement:

"Several songs and poems were written about the tragedy.  Also, one story,
by two of the survivors, Amy Lynn Peabody and brakeman Horance J. Benbrook
was published in Harper's magazine and received a great deal attention
nationally." [sic]

I have checked the 1905-1910 compilation of Reader's Guide to Periodical
Literature and found no obvious candidates for this article under the names
Peabody or Benbrook, or under the subject heading "Railroads - Accidents".
Google has so far been unhelpful.

Any suggestions for further research?

Bradley A. Scott
Vincennes University

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