[PW] Verifying Duchamp Quote

Elizabeth Barksdale ebarksdale at udallas.edu
Mon Nov 27 10:29:44 PST 2017

Anybody have some ideas on this? I don't have immediate access to the th
2014 edition either.


 I am trying to find a credible source on the following quote, often
attributed to artist, Marcel Duchamp:

*“Everything in life is art. If I call it art, it’s art, or if I hang it in
a museum, it’s art.”  *

I have found a couple of references that cite as a source:
*Calvin Tomkins, Duchamp: A Biography, p. 401.  *

However, the 1998 edition of this book does not seem to have this quote on
page 401.  There is a newer version of this text from 2014, so perhaps it
contains the citation I’m looking for—I just don’t have access to it.

The only other citation I have found comes from the following German text,
but I have not been able to find it either—and I don’t speak/read German,
which doesn’t help:
*Wendt, Wolf Raine. Ready-made: DasProblem und der philosophische Begriff
des asthetischen Verhaltens, dargestellt an Marcel Duchamp. Meisenheim am
Glan: A. Hain, 1970, possibly on page 56.  *

Is there anything you can do to help me?

Liz Barksdale
Head Reference Librarian
University of Dallas, Irving, TX
ebarksdale at udallas.edu

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