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It definitely is not Book of Three; but there IS a scene in one of Lloyd Alexander's stories (it may be a story in a collection) where Dalben the wizard, as a boy, gains his knowledge in a similar situation, with a splash of liquid he licks from his hand. But there's no classroom involved!

When did the patron read the book? Was it new then? Was it set in the US or England or somewhere else? 

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I don't have a lot to go on, because the only thing the patron remembers is one scene. There are children making soup which allows a person to know everything but they aren't allowed to eat any of it.  One spills some soup on his hand and licks it off, and suddenly knows that a rope they've been looking for is being used as a belt on a bathrobe. It was in a fifth grade class, but no time period.  For some reason I thought of Lloyd Alexander's Book of Three but I don't think that's it.  Ring any bells with anyone?


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