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He told me, among other things, that he had a perfect recipe for making a modern American publisher. "Take an idiot man from a lunatic asylum and marry him to an idiot woman, and the fourth generation of this connection should be a good publisher from the American point of view."  A Few Indiscreet Recollections: Privately Printed, Not Published, for Indulgent Relatives. Written in 1926. Edition Limited to Fifty-Seven Copies.  December 1928, p.16.

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Subject: [PW] Request help accessing rare pamphlets by Frank Nelson
Doubleday to research Twain quotation

A controversial quotation about publishers was attributed to Mark
Twain by Frank Nelson Doubleday in a posthumous work published in
1972. Here is some background:

Recipe To Create a Publisher: Take an Idiot Man from a Lunatic Asylum . . .

Frank Doubleday privately printed two pamphlets in 1928 and 1929
titled ?A Few Indiscreet Recollections? and ?More Indiscreet
Recollections?. These were limited editions, and the pamphlets are now
rare. One of these pamphlets may contain the quotation attributed to
Twain. Evidence from 1928/1929 would be superior to evidence from

Perhaps your library contains one of these pamphlets and you would be
willing to search for the quotation. Please contact me off list if you
are willing to help.

With appreciation
Garson O'Toole

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