[PW] ? Cookie Lavagetto rhyme

Ellen Ehrig ehehrig at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 2 10:58:08 PDT 2017

When I was young (sometime in the Dark Age) there was a rhyme or a song or a
saying that that went something like this:


Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Lavagetto

Mina, mina, mina avacetto (that is the way I remember it, but it could be
something COMPLETELY different)


I have no idea what a meant or in what context it was recited.  But, I would
love to find out more.  Checked all the usual sources on the Net (I think)
and have come up with nothing.


I have no idea if it refers to his hit in the 1947 World Series that ruined
a no-hit game.


Any thought would be welcomed.  





Ellen H. Ehrig

ehehrig at frontiernet.net <mailto:ehehrig at frontiernet.net> 



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