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This isn't an exact match, because it has a fantasy feel (although
technically there are no supernatural elements, vampire are another species
and not undead) and is a short story, but since it has the element of
vampire-like creatures with wings:

"Fleur du Feu" - Tanith Lee

--Andrea Herman

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> A friend on another list has this query:
> "I asked this question over 25 years ago, when I first joined this list,
> and no one had an answer for me. I’m hoping, in the years since, someone
> can help me. I know our group is smaller in number, but there have been
> folks join since then who may know something. "It was a science fiction
> novel, had to have been published in the 60s or sooner, since I got it from
> my local library in the 60s. The premise included a humanoid alien race
> that had leathery bat-like wings and would fall dead asleep if touched by
> sunlight. I can’t recall if they drank blood (but I don’t think so). A
> human woman falls in love with one of them and they get captured and were
> subjects of scientific observation as an alien-human couple. That’s really
> about all I can recall about it, except that the story intrigued me (it may
> have been awful; I think I was 14 when I read it and I have been known to
> really enjoy junk fiction then and since) and I always wanted to find it
> again. "I have no idea why this story stayed in my mind all these years and
> I’d really like to know if it was worth the memory."
> Thanks, for any suggestions.
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