[PW] It's not Ohm, it's not Maxwell, it's not Kirchhoff (I think!)

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I'm pretty sure the vacuum cleaner power cord is heating up either way, but
if it's coiled the heat doesn't dissipate as readily.  Cords will heat up
if they're drawing more amps than they're rated for - undersized power
cords are common in household appliances that only see intermittent use.

One search result for "heat dissipation" leads to a discussion of
thermodynamics on Wikipedia, and this paragraph;

""The conversion of mechanical energy into heat is called energy
dissipation." – *François Roddier*[1]
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissipation#cite_note-1> The term is also
applied to the loss of energy due to generation of unwanted heat in
electric and electronic circuits."

The footnote is a link to; "Roddier F., *Thermodynamique de l'évolution
(The Thermodynamics of Evolution)*, parole éditions, 2012




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> Hi
> whose is the law that says my vacuum cleaner cable will heat up if I don't
> unwind it before use?
> Thanks
> Eoin
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