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thewrongwitch at outlook.com thewrongwitch at outlook.com
Mon Oct 23 10:34:05 PDT 2017

I'm looking for a book series that might be late kid to early teen, but it was in the teen section at my local library. It would have been published anywhere from 2006ish to 2009. It was about a society that had powers, or maybe life roles, that were given by magic orbs that revealed them when they come of age. The main character was a girl, that maybe had plant related powers, who tried to sneak her orb early, but ended up shattering it and the pieces disappear. As she grows up and learns lessons the shards come back or are found, and have a line or two about whatever life lesson she learned. I think I remember a few plot points of some woman who lived in a cottage with trees surrounding it completely, like a wall. There was one where her family went to visit family/friends in a city, and the new family had two girl children. Thanks.

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