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Dear Mr Frederick,
   Are you aware that G. J. Toomer, John Selden:  A Life in Scholarship 
(Oxford, 2009), vol. II, pages 490-562, offers a  detailed description (in 
English) of the work whose translation you're  seeking.  It is not a 
translation, but it may offer the information your  client wants.
                    Mark Halpern
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I have a  person who is looking for an English translation of John Selden's 
"De jure  naturali et gentium juxta disciplinam Ebraeorum" -- if such a 
translation  exists.

I could not find a translation on WorldCat.  The "Table  Talk" of John 
Selden is not the same item.  Volume 3 of "Opera omnia" (  
http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/461329746 ) contains various English works, but  does not appear to 
contain a translation of "De jure naturali..."

The  Selden Society lists many publications at  
http://www.selden-society.qmw.ac.uk/publications/index.html but none of these  appear to be a match.  
"Of the Law of Nature and Nations: Eight Books" is  a work by a different 
author (Pufendorf).  Milton refers to Selden's work  as "Of the law of nature 
and of nations" but that may simply be his own  translation of the title, as 
I cannot find a matching WorldCat entry for  this.

One of my colleagues found a Google Books snippet from "The  British and 
Their Laws in the Eighteenth Century" (Lemmings, 2005) that  indicates it was 
never translated into English.  But maybe there has been  a translation 
since then?  

I've requested "John Selden and the  western political tradition" to see if 
it contains any insights or  bibliographical references, but please contact 
me if you know of any  translations.

Graham Fredrick
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