[PW] Is there anyone on this list from OCLC/WorldCat?

Sue Kamm suekamm at mindspring.com
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Hi, Denny --  

Here are links to two records (with holdings) I found:



I haven't checked the libraries' catalogs to learn if they still own the

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I've had problems over the past month with seeing holdings for a couple of
records in WorldCat.  I've reported same via their "comments" link but get
only a canned "thanks for your interest"
reply, with no follow-up, and the problems are not getting fixed.  If I've
hit two of them recently there are probably a lot more out there, and I'm
wondering if others on either of the lists to which I'm sending this are
also seeing problems (and, if there's anyone on the list who works for
WorldCat, if they have any insight).

Title: Uncle cleans up
Author: Martin, J. P
Accession Number: 176997755
Error formatting records from WorldCat

Title: Memories and reflections
Author: Troubridge, Laura
Accession Number: 1026817
Error formatting records from WorldCat

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