[PW] Adage: Science makes progress funeral by funeral. (Request examination of "Economics" by Samuelson 9th edition)

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 09:44:38 PDT 2017

The Quote Investigator website now has an entry about the adage in the
subject line which was employed by Nobel-prize winning economist Paul
A. Samuelson in 1975 although he credited physicist Max Planck (who
did make a similar point).


The 10th edition of Samuelson's well-known "Economics" textbook from
1976 contains the following:

[Begin excerpt]
A Thomas Kuhn who applied himself to the study of economic thought
would realize that it takes a generation for new ideas to become part
of the conventional wisdom. Once again it was a case where, funeral by
funeral, science progressed.
[End excerpt]

Perhaps a list member can help me to determine if the above passage
(or something similar) was present in the 9th edition from 1973. I
know it was absent from the 8th edition in 1970.

In the 10th edition the passage occurs on page 845 within chapter 42
titled "Winds of Change: Evolution of Economic Doctrines".  The
subsection is titled "The Keynesian Revolution". I think this chapter
is also in the 9th edition.

The goal is to construct a complete and verified citation (if the
adage is present). Scans showing the quotation and metadata would be
very helpful.

Earlier citations with "funeral by funeral" and insights would be
welcome. Also, Poincare was mentioned in one citation and information
supporting that linkage would be interesting.

Warning: Google Books (GB) reports matches in "The Collected
Scientific Papers of Paul Samuelson" and GB specifies a date of 1966.
This date is inaccurate. The collected papers were issued in a series
of volumes over a period of many years and 1966 only applies to the
first volume. The dates on the papers within the volumes vary.

Thanks for any help you can provide

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