[PW] Olsen quote

Gary Lee Phillips tivo.overo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 04:47:00 PDT 2017

No, Jessica. Creative people and those with imagination use home computers,
tablets, and portable devices for a lot of things other than internet
access. Mine process amateur radio signals, synthesize music, process and
print musical scores, and serve as tools for producing artwork. They
monitor processes, make astronomical calculations, and manage my library of
printed books, printed music, and electronic manuscripts and books. They
act as display devices for items from the latter collection, allowing them
to be read. They serve as a personal database for genealogical research.

Even if the internet has potential to provide all this, it does not yet do
so. And you also should be aware that in rural areas (I live in one, so I
know this) access to the internet remains costly and unacceptably slow.
Since any improvement to that situation depends on the cooperation of
profit-based entities, it seems unlikely to change in the near future.

--Gary Lee Phillips (retired librarian, author, musician)

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