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Sat Sep 9 16:54:15 PDT 2017

Patti Abbott gathers the links to the reviews cited below, and features the text of Deb Pfeiffer's review of COMPULSION by Meyer Lansky, at:

Sergio Angelini, TILL DEATH DO US PART, John Dickson Carr

Yvette Banek, WHO KILLED THE CURATE?, Joan Coggin

Les Blatt, THE CHINESE BELL MURDERS, Robert Van Gulik 

Bill Crider, THE PLUTONIUM BLONDE, John Zakour and Lawrence Ganen

Fleur Bradley,  MANIAC MAGEE, Jerry Spinelli

Martin Edwards, NIGHT EXERCISE, John Rhode 

Curt Evans, DOUBLE DOOM, Josephine Bell; George Orwell on British crime fiction

Rich Horton, THE LONELY, Paul Gallico 

Jerry House, WEIRD TALES--ENGLISH, edited by William Patterson(?)

George Kelley, THE DEVIL's ROSARY, Seabury Quinn 

Margot Kinberg, THE EARTH HUMS IN B FLAT, Mari Stachan

Rob Kitchin, A LOVE STORY WITH MURDERS, Harry Bingham

Evan Lewis, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED comics and the Forgotten Record They Spawned 

Steve Lewis hosting Barry Gardner, THE BURGLAR WHO TRADED TED WILLIAMS, Lawrence Block

Todd Mason, 1960 Crime-Fiction Magazines in English, from ELLERY QUEEN'S ANTHOLOGY to THE LONDON MYSTERY SELECTION to SHOCK...

Matt Paust, THE LAST GENTLEMAN, Walker Percy

James Reasoner, FOUR FRIGHTENED WOMEN, George Harmon Coxe 

Gerard Saylor, SWAY, Zachary Lazar

Kerrie Smith, DARK PLACES, Gillian Flynn

Kevin Tipple, GAME FACE, Mary Troy 

TomCat, THE FAIR MURDER, Nicholas Brady 

TracyK, DR. NO, Ian Fleming 

Westlake Review/Fred Firth, FOREVER AND A DEATH, Donald Westlake

Zybahn/Frank Babics, ASHES TO ASHES: THE DEVIL'S FLAME, John Saul

--forward by Todd Mason

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