[PW] ? Alfred Hitchcock Quotation (Quotation Query #782)

Barbara Schmidt schmidtbrb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 20:36:47 PDT 2017

I did a Google Advanced Books search for the phrase "human bladder" plus
the word "endurance" published between 1950-1980.  There are a couple of
hits which indicate Hitchcock was quoting Bernard Shaw.  These are in
snippet views only.  The one from TAKE ONE: THE CANADIAN FILM MAGAZINE,
Vol. 1 (1967) appears to be an interview.  This same quote from Hitchcock
attributing the phrase to Bernard Shaw is in FOCUS ON HITCHCOCK by Albert
J. LaValley (1972), p. 26.  This is also a snippet view. Finding a copy of
that biography may be helpful in the way of a bibliography which I suspect
would point back to the 1967 interview.


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