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A week or so ago you kindly send me a note detailing three newspaper references to tipped-on photos that you found on newspapers.com. I assumed that I could easily find a way to access this resource, but as is often the case my assumption was incorrect. I hate to bother you, but I would appreciate it very much if, in your ample spare time, you could take a look at the following and let me know if the rest of the article makes it clear that it is talking about London. I had assumed, there I go again, that the article was talking about Detroit, but I am assured by my Detroit correspondents that such is not the case. Thanks again for your good help on my little project. Best, David

Here is an example in 1881 of a photograph pasted as the frontispiece
of a magazine in 1881.

Date: December 18, 1881
Newspaper: The Detroit Free Press
Newspaper Location: Detroit, Michigan
Article: A Dramatic Suit
Quote Page 10, Column 5
Database: Newspapers.com

[Begin excerpt]
Mr. Scott, besides being employed on the Telegraph, owns and edits the
Theater, a monthly magazine with three lorn damsels on the cover,
after the fashion of the love-sick maidens in "Patience." This
magazine publishes every month a photograph as a frontispiece, and our
own John T. Raymond and W. J. Florence have appeared pasted on its
front page. Some interesting facts about this periodical came out in
the trial just closed.
[End excerpt]

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