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A couple of weeks ago, I asked for any information leading to newspapers with tipped on photographs. This query was occasioned by my finally noticing that Ralph Andrews (Picture Gallery Pioneers, New York; Bonanza, 1964, p. 82) mentioned that the Los Angeles photographer Francis Parker had supplied multiple copies of prints to a local paper for exactly this purpose. This is particularly interesting to me because several years ago I had noticed just such a case in San Antonio in 1868, and since I couldn’t imagine any practical reason for such an expensive, inconvenient practice I just assumed that it had never happened any other time. Then last week I received a note from Jenny Watts, Curator of Photography at the Huntington Library. A few years ago, she had also been intrigued by Andrews’ Parker mention, and in checking her own remarkable collection discovered the answer. The following data is entirely based on the information she kindly sent me; she is not responsible, of course, for my interpretation and comments. I am posting this with her enthusiastic permission. I am sure she would be happy to answer any questions members might have about this material.

Hall’s Land Journal; Charles V. Hall editor and proprietor
Published monthly in Los Angeles from January? to July? 1876 [4 columns, 9"w x 12 (23 x 31)] and in San Francisco from September 1876 to at least July 1878 [4 columns, 12"w x 16 (31 x 42)]. Each volume 6 issues. In Los Angeles: each issue 16 pages. 10 cents/copy, $1/year; “Largest circulation of any paper in Southern California” [2:7, July 1876]. During the six-month run in Los Angeles at least two and probably four issues were illustrated with albumen prints tipped on to the front page. Once publication was moved to San Francisco in fall 1876, the paper was illustrated with woodcuts.

The Huntington Library, San Marino, California, has 11 issues from 1:4 (April 1876) to 6:1 (July 1878) [http://catalog.huntington.org/record=b1481894]
The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, California, has one issue (2:11, December 1876) [http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/search/o30306137]

Two Huntington issues have albumen prints pasted on to the front page, each two-column square approximately 3.75" (9.5) x 3.75 above the fold:

1:6 (June 1876). “The third of our series of views of Southern California–Arlington House, Santa Barbara. See second page.” [The image, badly faded, shows the three-story, first class hotel, which burned down in 1909.]

2:7 (July 1876). “The fourth of our series of views of Southern California–Panoramic view of the city of Los Angeles. Taken from Brooklyn Heights by Francis Parker.” [The image, also faded, shows Los Angeles in the distance, with open fields and roads in the foreground.]

The Huntington also holds Charles Hall’s two scrapbooks. Volume 2 has seven albumen prints mounted individually on pages and one clipping from the newspaper with a tipped on photo [http://catalog.huntington.org/record=b1258726]:

Presumably some time between January and April 1876. “A view of a portion of the city of Los Angeles, taken by Francis Parker.–The first of our series of views of Southern California.” [Vol 2, p. 25. image is good condition shows a complex downtown corner with a large three-story building dominating the middle ground]

The seven mounted prints are all in good condition and include a different, but similar, view of the Arlington House [Vol. 2, p. 27] and four images that if mounted together would form a panorama of downtown from an elevated position [Vol. 2, pp. 20-23]. The other two show a street scene and a storefront. 

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