[PW] Request details of citation in Boston Daily Journal in 1865

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 07:26:56 PDT 2017

Back in July, I received a request from a Wall Street Journal writer
via twitter to explore a quotation attributed to Abraham Lincoln. The
quotation is popular, e.g., CNN tweeted it on July 4, and the
statement is engraved on the wall at the Newseum. Yet, the quotation
is slightly inaccurate.

[Begin excerpt]
Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe.
[End excerpt]

Researcher Barry Popik found a key citation dated April 29, 1865. I
pushed the date back to April 21, 1865. Both of these citations
pointed to an origin in the Boston Journal. Historian Yoni Appelbaum
then located the earliest citation in Boston Daily Journal on April
17, 1865, and he tweeted an image.


[Begin excerpt]
"I have faith in the people. They will not consent to disunion. The
danger is, that they are misled. Let them know the truth and the
country is safe."
[End except]

What database contains the page images for the Boston Daily Journal
citation? Alternatively, if someone could send me a PDF or jpeg of the
page containing the quotation I would be most grateful. Thanks.


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