[PW] Inside PSYCHO

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 12:02:54 PDT 2017

Interesting-enough, well-mounted documentary/lecture on the development of PSYCHO, from Ed Gein through Robert Bloch's creation of the whole magilla and mostly about the film and its aftermath. Some of it is perhaps questionable (I somehow doubt Bloch looked at his reflection in mirrors for years afterward with the consistent thought of how he anticipated Gein's activities before they were detailed for public consumption), but one nice datum I hadn't stumbled across before is the differential in the amount of money laid down for the options for PSYCHO and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, at about the same time (though it took four years, rather than one for PSYCHO, for the film THE HAUNTING to be released)...Jackson's agent rather more on the ball, clearly. 

Inside Psycho

A deep dive into the mysterious and peculiar happenings that occurred before and during the filming of the legendary film P... 


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