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Rosario Capotosto seems to have written several books on this topic from close to that time period by Popular Science - 
https://spokanepl.on.worldcat.org/oclc/404086829 for example. Originally known as Capotosto's Woodworking Wisdom. Looks like one version was blue - https://www.amazon.com/Capotostos-Woodworking-Techniques-Projects-Capotosto/dp/0943822939 

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Hi All--
In the late 70s, I bought a book on how to make jigs for woodworking tools.  I'm pretty sure it was from Popular Mechanics, but I could be wrong.  I am also fairly certain that the author's last name began with an S.  The dust jacket was mostly blue, and the book was profusely illustrated with photos, plans and diagrams.  2-300 pages, I think.

Google has failed me, but I can't really blame it for my lousy memory.

Any help at all greatly appreciated.

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