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Simón Bolívar died in 1830. Here is a citation in Spanish from 1860
and in English from 1862. There is room for improvement. The text is
from Google OCR. There are errors and many diacritical marks are

Date: 27 de marzo de 1860
Periodical: El Catolicismo


[Begin excerpt - please double check for errors]
Treinta i ocho dias ántes de su muerte, el Libertador, perdida toda
esperanza, se espresaba así: "La América es ingobernable. Los que han
servido a la revolucion han arado en el mar. La única cosa que se
puede hacer en América es emigrar. Estos paises caerán infaliblemente
enmanos de la multitud desenfrenada, para despues pasar a tiranuelos
casi imperceptiblés, de todos coloresi razas devorados por todos los
crímenes, i distinguidos por la ferocidad. Los europeos, tal vez, no
se dignarán conquistarnos. Si fuera posible que una parte del mundo
volviera al cáos primitivo, este seria el último período de la
[End excerpt]

Year: 1862
Title: Wild Scenes in South America, Or, Life in the Llanos of Venezuela
Author: Don Ramón Páez
Edition: 2
Publisher: Charles Scribner. New York
Quote Page 474 and 475


[Begin excerpt - double check for errors]
It was doubtless the conviction that such would finally be the
calamitous state of the countries he helped to liberate, that wrung
from the great Bolivar this awful prophecy, with regard to the
Southern continent of the New World: "America is ungovernable; those
who have served her revolution have ploughed in the sea. These
countries will inevitably fall into the hands of the unrestrained
multitude, to become then the prey of petty tyrants of all grades and
races; when overpowered by ferocity and barbarism, foreign nations
will not even deign to conquer us. Were it possible to return a
portion of the earth to primitive chaos, this would be the last period
of America."*

* Footnote

La America es ingobernable; los que han servido a la revolution han
arado en el mar; lo mejor que puede hacerse en America es emigrar.
Estos paises caeran infaliblemente en manos de la multitud
desenfrenada para pasar despues a tiranuelos de todos colores y razas;
y estinguidos por la ferocidad y la barbarie, los estrangeros ni se
dignaran conquistarnos. Si fuera posible que una parte del mundo
volviese al caos primitivo ese seria el ultimo periodo de la America.
[End excerpt]


On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 8:26 AM, Shapiro, Fred <fred.shapiro at yale.edu> wrote:
> Wikiquote gives the following information in its entry for Simon Bolivar:
>   *   All who have served the Revolution have plowed the sea.
>      *   Statement written in his final days, as quoted in Simón Bolívar : A Story of Courage (1941) by Elizabeth Dey Jenkinson Waugh, p. 320; These are sometimes said to have been repeated many times while he was dying, and to be his last words.
>      *   Variant translations or reports:
>      *   America is ungovernable; those who served the revolution have plowed the sea.
>         *   As quoted in Man, State, and Society in Latin American History (1972) by Sheldon B. Liss and Peggy K. Liss, p. 133
>      *   Those who have served the cause of the revolution have plowed the sea.
>      *   We have plowed the sea.
>      *   I plowed furrows in the ocean.
>      *   I have plowed the sea. Our America will fall into the hands of vulgar tyrants.
> Can anyone help me trace references to this quotation, either in Spanish or in English translation, back before 1941 as far as possible?
> Fred Shapiro
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